Peer Gynt yarn by Sandnes Garn: Everything You Need to Know

Peer Gynt is one of Sandnes Garn’s oldest and original yarns going back all the way to 1938. It’s one of our absolute favourite yarns, so we’re delving into everything you need to know about it. Ever wondered what weight Peer Gynt is? Or if the wool is itchy? Then read on…

What weight is Peer Gynt yarn?

Sandnes Garn’s Peer Gynt yarns are DK weight / 8ply with a gauge of 22sts to 10cm in stockinette stitch. The recommended needle size is 3.5 - 4.5mm and the recommended hook size is 4.5mm - 5.5mm. Like all gauges, you might need to experiment a little with your needle/hook size to get the exact 22sts gauge. This is because we all knit and crochet with different tensions. The yarn comes in 50g balls, each containing approximately 90m / 98 yards.

DK weight yarns are super versatile, which makes them a favourite with so many knitters and crocheters. You can use Peer Gynt as a substitute yarn for so many DK weight knitting patterns. DK weight yarns are perfect for knitting baby items, as well as a sweater or cardigan for yourself and Peer Gynt is no exception.

What is Peer Gynt made from?

Like all of Sandnes Garn’s yarns, Peer Gynt is made from 100% Norwegian wool. They have super high standards for their wool and are incredibly passionate about sustainability and animal welfare so you know it is some of the best wool around. The wool is resistant to pilling and gets better and better with wear.

Is Peer Gynt itchy?

This is definitely not a coarse, itchy wool. As far as wool goes, Peer Gynt is a soft and comfortable wool and is perfect for making all kinds of garments. Norwegian wool is quite light and gets softer every time you wear it. So there’s a good excuse to keep your woolly jumper on high rotation!

Just take a look at the reviews of this yarn on Ravelry and you’ll find lots of people telling stories of knits they made over 10 years ago with Peer Gynt that are still going strong today! 

How do I wash garments made from Peer Gynt?

Since Peer Gynt is made from 100% wool (and not superwash wool) then your best bet is to handwash anything you knit or crochet from the yarn. If you’re not a regular when it comes to washing wool then fear not! It’s not rocket science and doesn’t take ages. 

Our best advice is to use a good wool detergent and avoid fabric softener. Hand wash in a sink or bowl with cool water and the wool detergent. Rinse your garment and lay it out flat to dry - reshaping the item at this stage so your make looks perfect when it’s dry.

Peer Gynt yarn knitting patterns

There are hundreds of knitting patterns written specifically for Peer Gynt. Some of the most popular patterns have to be PetiteKnit’s patterns, including the Ingrid Sweater, Louve Sweater and the incredibly popular and timeless Moby pullover.


Some of our other favourite patterns include Sandnes Garn's own Anna Sweater, the intricate Wiola Kofta | Cardigan by Kristin Wiola Ødegård and the Porcelain Sweater by Lene Holme Samsøe for striking colour work.


Where can I buy Peer Gynt yarn in the UK?

Hello! We’re super proud stockists of Peer Gynt in the UK. You can buy a huge range of Peer Gynt colours with Otter Brook Yarns and if you can’t see what you’re looking for then don’t hesitate to get in touch with us! Shop Peer Gynt here.

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